What is the KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test ?

The KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test is an easy and convenient way to learn more about your dog, which can help you better understand your canine friend and provide the best care possible!

Here are some of the things you can learn from the KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test :

* Breeds: The test can identify your dog’s breeds with a high degree of accuracy, which can help you learn more about your dog’s temperament, exercise needs and dietary requirements.
* Genetic diseases: The test can identify genetic diseases to which your dog is susceptible, allowing you to take steps to prevent or treat them.
* Physical traits: The test can identify your dog’s physical traits, such as coat color, size and head shape. This can be fun to know and can also help you find the right care and equipment for your dog.


We offer a range of two products: Starter and Advanced:


Product Tests included Price
Pet traits DNA test
Pet DNA test breeds
Pet health DNA test
Pet traits DNA test
Pet DNA test breeds


What do we test for?

This is one of the most extensive canine test on the market, covering and providing information about 3 important areas:

* Pet health DNA test: Single-gene genetic disease detection, the results allow you to know if your dog is a carrier of any disease like dysplasias, epilepsy, haemophilia, muscular dystrophy, etc
* Pet DNA test breeds: The dog breed database contains more than 400 breeds! The results provide breed identification expressed in percentage, breed behaviour and history.
* Pet traits DNA test: Identifies visible and not visible physical traits like metabolism, short tail, coat, ear position, etc.

We use an Array that allows us to analyse around 700.000 markers designed to improve the specificity and usefulness of the chips in their clinical and breed study use. Because of this, the technology we use in our studies has a reproducibility of >99%.

List of Breeds Tested

The get to know the list of breeds tested by KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test here.


KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test   – What is included?

KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test , you will receive the following:

1. Easy to use sample collection kit, with swabs, instructions on how to proceed and a bag for return shipment.
2. Regular updates completely free of charge to our users.
3. Shipping costs are included in the price and there is no minimum order.
4. Results report available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.
5. Soon we will be offering 2 new features: Family Tree and DNA connect (Connecting related dogs using an App.)

Results for this test will be available around  4-6  weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory, online  only, and you will access them through the account they create upon registration.

View Starter sample report:

view sample report

View Advanced sample report:

view sample report

Collecting samples for this test

The sample collection process is very simple, straightforward, and painless for your dog. You can collect the mouth swab samples from your pet by using the specific testing kit we will send you once we have processed your order. We suggest that you follow closely the instructions inside the kit to avoid possible issues with the sample.

We suggest that you follow closely the instructions inside the kit to avoid possible issues with the sample.


Special Offers and Discounts

The price of a single KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test  is €109 (Starter) and €139 (Advanced).

If you plan to purchase multiple tests, you can enjoy a 10 discount per subsequent test. A second or third test will then only cost €99 per Started test and €129 per Advanced test.


Other Dog DNA Tests

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So what are you waiting for? Get the KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test   today and start learning more about your best friend!

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