About the VasectomyCheck Sperm Test

A post-vasectomy sperm check is a test done to check whether the vasectomy was successful. If there are no sperm in the sample, then the vasectomy was successful. If there are sperm in the sample, then the vasectomy was not successful and further surgery is needed to correct the problem. Sperm checks after a vasectomy are usually performed 4 to 12 weeks after surgery. However, some doctors may recommend earlier or later tests.

With the VasectomyCheck Sperm Test, you can check if you are no longer fertile in a private, fast, accurate, and convenient way. This test is recommended by Urologists and helpful when you want to prevent pregnancy after vasectomy.

If the VasectomyCheck Sperm shows that the vasectomy was not successful, the patient should discuss his options with his doctor. The doctor may recommend additional surgery to correct the problem or may recommend that the patient use another method of contraception.

Who is the VasectomyCheck Sperm Test for?

The test is recommended for men who have had a vasectomy and wish to verify whether their procedure was successful and they are no longer fertile. It is also a convenient and effective way to follow up and choose contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancy after a vasectomy.

If you want to check that your vasectomy was successful, it is advisable that you do a VasectomyCheck Sperm Test twice, at 60 and then at 90 days after a vasectomy procedure or as recommended by your physician.

The results of the test

The package provided with the VasectomyCheck Sperm Test includes everything necessary to perform two tests. Follow the instructions included with the package, and within a few minutes, you will have the results. These results are easy to read, similar to a pregnancy test, using lateral-flow immunoassay; they indicate either a high or low sperm count.

The sperm count in the sample is determined by a patented process that uses the SP-10 protein found in the sperm head.

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