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EasyDNA can provide you with your complete DNA profile, your own personal genetic blueprint. The DNA profile test will analyze and identify the 21 different genetic markers. Our DNA tests are all performed in an internationally accredited and ISO17025 certified scientific laboratory. The high levels of quality control we maintain ensures you the most accurate results for your DNA testing needs. DNA testing results are provided in just 3-5 business days with our standard DNA profile testing turnaround time. We also offer a fast service  for an extra €100 – see our express service. The price for DNA Profiles is €139.

EasyDNA offers different DNA profile tests

With a constantly evolving scientific need for DNA profiles and testing, EasyDNA is committed to offering our clients to the most up-to-date technology for DNA testing options. Sometimes insurance companies request their clients have their DNA profiles analyzed for future identification and comparison needs.

Information / personal use: This is ideal in cases where a client simply wants a laboratory analysis of their unique DNA profile that is for personal use. The results we provide for this test have no legal validity. The cost (including your sample collection kit, analysis in the laboratory and result) for the DNA profile test is just €139 per person being tested. Samples are collected using simple oral swabs.

Legal DNA profile tests: When a DNA profile is needed for a legal purposes, such as for wills and testaments, insurance identification, etc. EasyDNA offers a legal profile test. The legal DNA profile test is performed using a stringent chain of custody procedure to ensure results are up to the standards used by a court. The chain of custody not only requires that the DNA sample be physically collected by a neutral third party person but that every single sample submitted is clearly documented and verified.

There may be an added cost for the third party sampler which is to be sustained by the client.

Results for a legal DNA profile test with EasyDNA are provided on a notarized document which can then be used or stored for future legal needs. The legal DNA profile test is offered by EasyDNA for €239 per person.

DNA profile comparison and verification tests

EasyDNA can assist clients with DNA profile test results that were completed by laboratories other than our own. These cross-laboratory test result comparisons are sometimes used to qualify results of a DNA paternity test as being correct and accurate. If you have received paternity test results from another source, such as an ex-partner, EasyDNA may be able verify the accuracy of those test results. When requesting a DNA test comparison, please provide us with all the documentation you have from the original DNA paternity test.

Take a look at a sample DNA test result HERE.


Ordering a DNA Profile does NOT provide any other information related to areas such as health and ancestry. If you want this type of test please see our complete list of DNA tests page.

Do you seek to confirm or remove suspicions of Drug use?

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