The benefits of the Home Urine Health Test

Discover more about your pet’s health and well-being by ordering the Pet Urine Health Test today. This convenient home/in-clinic test kit utilizes a small urine sample on a provided strip (5 included), which will be shipped directly to your doorstep.

Whether your pet is experiencing undiagnosed symptoms or you’re seeking insights for annual health monitoring, these kits are ideal. Gain a deeper understanding of your pet’s liver and kidney function, as well as their overall health.


  • Examines 10 items, including Leukocytes (white blood cells), Nitrites, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Glucose, and more.
  • Convenient at-home test kit dispatched to you within 2-5 business days.
  • Each kit includes 5 urine test strips.
  • Features a color results chart for easy interpretation.
  • Complete with comprehensive instructions and a helpful guide.

What’s Tested

The Home Urine Health Test assesses 10 key indicators:

  1. Leukocytes: White Blood Cells produced by the body to combat infection. Elevated levels may suggest a UTI or Kidney Infection.
  2. Nitrites: Bacteria causing UTIs convert nitrates into nitrites. A positive result may indicate a UTI.
  3. Urobilinogen: A by-product of Bilirubin breakdown. Normal levels are small; higher levels could signal liver disease.
  4. Protein: Elevated protein levels may indicate kidney disease.
  5. pH: Assesses urine acidity or alkalinity.
  6. Blood: Serious UTI/Cystitis, kidney stones, or bladder/kidney cancer can cause blood in urine.
  7. Specific Gravity (S.G.): Higher values may indicate UTI, diabetes, dehydration, kidney infection, kidney failure, or heart failure.
  8. Ketone: Produced when the body can’t extract energy from glucose. High levels may result from dieting, prolonged fasting (12-18 hours), or conditions like diabetes.
  9. Bilirubin: A by-product of red blood cell breakdown. Presence in urine may suggest liver disease.
  10. Glucose: Normally absent in urine; its presence may indicate undiagnosed diabetes.



What’s in the box?


  • 5x Urine Analysis Strips
  • 1x Instructions
  • 1x Colour Results Chart

Why utilize a urine sample for this test?

A urinalysis or urine test is a non-intrusive procedure designed to assess the composition of urine. This examination enables the detection of various medical conditions, including diabetes, urinary tract infections, and kidney-related diseases, among others.

How does the process function?

A urine test serves the dual purpose of monitoring a dog’s current medical conditions and evaluating the effectiveness of their ongoing treatment. The test employs a dipstick, the most common method for analyzing the chemical components of urine. The dipstick features squares of different colors attached to it, and the entire strip is immersed in the collected urine sample. In a well-lit room, the observer then scrutinizes the squares, comparing the presented colors against the provided sample guide.

Each square corresponds to a specific component, encompassing urine concentration and pH level. Additionally, the presence of proteins in the urine, such as albumin, glucose/sugar, ketones (a by-product of fat breakdown), hemoglobin, leukocyte esterase/white blood cells, bilirubin, nitrite, and urobilinogen, can be identified.

Which elements does this test examine?

This home testing kit has undergone validation against industry standards, demonstrating a perfect 100% correlation. The sample kit is CE-approved, and it consistently delivers reproducible results exceeding 97%.

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