What is exactly included in this Health DNA Package?

The all-in-one health package analyses your genes and provides you with valuable information which can help you make important decisions to further improve your health, lifestyle and wellbeing. The following areas are covered by this test:

Ancestry • Where are your Ancestors from?

Yes, ancestry testing is included within the health package! With genomic markers from many places around the world and more than 700,000 DNA markers tested, scientists at the laboratory have access to an incredible level of detail. In fact, by-region data is provided and over 500 regions such as Cornwall, Lazio and Warsow can be identified in your DNA. Since we use autosomal DNA, information about both your paternal and maternal ancestry is provided.


Health • Your Genetic Susceptibility to Disease

Some diseases can be prevented if action is taken in time. By analysing your genetic map, health genetic testing provides essential information which can help you carry out important decisions regarding your health and wellbeing. Using Illumina technology, health testing offers an analysis of about 700,000 genetic markers for more than 200 diseases such as motion sickness and Parkinson’s disease. Results can also help your healthcare professional to prescribe the most suitable drugs based on your genetic predisposition!


Skin Care • Find out what your Skin needs

The health DNA package also includes an analysis of how your genes influence skin characteristics such as elasticity, hydration and antioxidant capacity, which play a key role in your skin ageing process! Using the latest generation of genetic sequencing, skin testing gives you the tools to choose the appropriate creams and treatments by identifying your skin’s real needs. Results can also assist you and your dermatologist or beauty consultant when designing a personalised treatment for your skincare.


Sports • Which Sports suit your DNA?

Training hard is not enough, you also have to exercise smarter. This health package offers genetic testing for sports, a fundamental tool for amateur and professional sports practice which can help you plan your training programme most smartly, reach your goals and even avoid injury. All of this can be achieved through your detailed sports results which include valuable information such as your genetic predisposition to your cardio capacity, muscular fatigue, risk of ruptured ligaments and much more!


Talent  • Your unique Personality Traits and Talents

No, it does not stop there, genetic testing for talent and personality is included in the package! By applying certain prestigious studies to your genetic results, scientists at the laboratory are able to link your genetics to possible predispositions in different personality traits. This type of testing identifies your predisposition to personality traits and talents such as impulsivity, neuroticism, intelligence and figurative creativity. For instance, results may indicate that you possess the COMT gene which is known to be a huge contributor to figurative creativity.


Nutrigenetics • What about Personalised Nutrition?

Lastly, this all-in-one genetic package offers genetic testing for nutrition! Nutrition testing involves an analysis of the relationship between your genes and your nutritional responses. From this genetic analysis, you will learn fundamental things such as which nutrients you should get more of because of your genetic tendency not to assimilate them as effectively as other individuals. Nutrients tested for include fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and much more. Results for this test can guide you to eat in the healthiest way possible and lose weight!


Collecting your DNA sample

Collecting the required sample cannot get any simpler! We will provide you with a DNA kit including everything you need to collect a sample of cheek cells. All you need to do is rub firmly the cotton swab for about 1 minute against each side of the inner cheek surface, store it in the kit following the detailed instructions provided and then send it back to us for laboratory testing.

Results and Turnaround Time

Results for this health package are as simple enough that anyone can understand them while detailed enough for you to share them with your healthcare professional. Your DNA health reports will be sent to you via e-mail within approximately 4 weeks from receipt of samples at the testing laboratory.

Other at-home Health tests just for you

At EasyDNA we understand that you may be solely interested in DNA testing for a particular matter. That is why we offer other individual health DNA tests such as Skin Care DNA testing and DNA testing for Healthy Weight which you might be interested in taking. Did not find what you were looking for? Check the full list of Health DNA kits we offer!



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