About our risk free test

Our non invasive prenatal paternity test results are ready and sent by email in just 7-10 working days.

The test’s most important feature is the fact is carried no risks or complications. Furthermore, sampling is very straightforward. All we need is the following:


  • A venous blood sample from the mother
  • 4 mouth swabs from the alleged father

Not only is the sampling for our test far easier than any other prenatal sampling method such as percutaneous umbilical cord blood sampling, chorionic biopsies or amniocentesis, but it can also be carried out far earlier. Amniocentesis is only viable starting at around 15 weeks, PUBS only as late as 20 weeks. But with our test you can discover who the father is at 9 weeks from conception (this means you will be in your 11th week of pregnancy, starting from the first day of your last menstrual period).. Get your prenatal test today. The cost of the Prenatal Paternity Test is €1095.

To calculate any dates related to your pregnancy, you may use our pregnancy calculator.

Find out the gender of your baby

We offer our clients the option of learning the gender of their unborn baby with their prenatal paternity test. No need to send a different sample. The baby gender report is available at €155 and will be included in the results of your prenatal paternity test.

The sample collection and carrying out your test

The sample collection is done using our kit. Our kit is especially prepared with blood sample collection tubes for the mother. Our client will need to have a phlebotomist, nurse or doctor assist them to collect the samples as our kit is only intended for use by a professional. You do not require blood samples for the alleged father. The father’s samples can be collected using the mouth swabs inside our kit.

Included in the price is a prepaid courier service. Once you have collected blood samples, you can contact the courier company using the contact information inside your kit and organize the collection and dispatch of the kit to the laboratory.

If both alleged fathers are available for the test, we suggest testing both.

Your non invasive prenatal paternity test results

The results for your prenatal test are available in 7-10 working days and sent by email. We also offer an express testing service with results in just 4 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory. The additional cost for express testing is €265.

The test we offer is extremely accurate and results will show:


  • A 99.9% probability of paternity if the tested male is the biological father of the fetus
  • A 0% probability if the alleged father is excluded as the biological father

Taking our prenatal test too early could result in an insufficient amount of fetal DNA. This means we may not be able to provide a result. Naturally, as pregnancy progresses the amount of fetal DNA also increases making the test viable at 9 weeks from conception (this means you will be in your 11th week of pregnancy, starting from the first day of your last menstrual period).

We are able to provide our services to clients anywhere in Ireland including county Dublin (where our office is based), Cork, Down and Galway. The test can even be carried out with test participants living in different parts of Ireland or even different parts of the world. We can easily and efficiently organize testing by coordinating with our network of international offices.

The science of the paternity test

Our prenatal paternity test is very scientifically complex. We use cell free fetal DNA which we extract from the maternal blood samples provided. We then proceed to analyze very special sequences on the genetic material we extract from the blood samples using a bioinformatics based method. The laboratory will then compare the alleged father’s DNA with that of the fetus. A single variation in a given stretch of DNA is referred to as a single nucleotide polymorphism and these SNPs (an abbreviation for single nucleotide polymorphisms) act as distinct biological and genetic markers that help scientists confirm or exclude the paternity of the fetus. The NIPP (Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity) testing is performed using NSG (Next Generation Sequencing) technology. We examine 2,688 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) in order to make a determination of paternity.

The only time we cannot conduct the test is if the Mother is expecting twins or if the alleged Fathers are close blood relatives.

See Science behind our prenatal test to understand how important this aspect is.

Why not consult a genetic counsellor about your results?

Our genetic counsellor is ideal if you have any concerns about your DNA test results. They can understand and interpret all aspects of your results, helping you understand any technical language you do not know, answer all your questions or simply explain the results to you. Once you have ordered the service, our genetic counsellor will get in touch with you to organize the date and time of the actual call. The session discussing your results will take place via Skype. Genetic counselling is available at an additional fee.

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