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Home Paternity Testing

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Who is the daddy? Get the answer you need! EasyDNA is a Dublin based DNA testing company and has been operating for over 12 years. We test 21 genetic markers for total accuracy and assurance. With home test results that offer a probability of paternity in excess of 99.99%, you will have the conclusive results you need.

Legal DNA Testing

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EasyDNA Ireland can provide you with legal DNA testing that can be used for a variety of legal purposes including in a court of law or as proof of parentage in immigration cases. We provide fully accredited testing and we will organise your test from beginning to end.

Immigration DNA Test


Immigration DNA testing is a service offered by EasyDNA Ireland. All immigration DNA tests are carried out in an ISO 17025 accredited lab and results can be presented to the Irish Immigration Authorities and used to prove the biological relationship between individuals. We offer testing for paternity, maternity and a range of other tests.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

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Expecting a baby? Not sure who the father is? EasyDNA is offering one of the most advanced non-invasive prenatal paternity tests on the market with a 99.9% accuracy rate. This highly accurate non-invasive test is 100% safe and can be done from just 9 weeks of pregnancy. Order this DNA test today for complete peace of mind!

Forensic Test

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Through our extensive experience in DNA forensic testing, EasyDNA is able to offer state of the art DNA forensic test services for cases where clients cannot obtain DNA samples by using the sterile oral swabs we provide in our standard home sample collection kit. Contact us for a free consultation about the DNA sample you have available.

Surrogacy DNA Test

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easyDNA offers surrogacy DNA testing. Our tests can be used in cases where you have had a child born via surrogacy treatment and need a DNA test to provide proof of a biological relationship between yourself (the commissioning parent/s) and the baby born through surrogacy. Our DNA tests can also be used for peace of mind in order to ensure that the correct embryo was implanted or that the sperm from the intended father was used in any type of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Further questions about paternity testing

What will I find in the prenatal DNA testing kit? How do I collect the DNA sample?
What is the cost of a paternity test?
What is the importance of accreditation?
Can you suggest any further reading?
Do I need to test the mother?

What will I find in the prenatal DNA testing kit? How do I collect the DNA sample?

Your kit will contain everything you need to collect the samples for the mother and alleged father. To see everything that your kit contains, go to our sample collection page.

Samples are collected via a standard blood draw. You will need to have the samples taken by a qualified nurse or your GP.

What is the cost of a paternity test?

The cost of a home paternity test is just €169.00. This is for testing the alleged father and 1 child. If the mother is also available and willing to take part, we suggest sending her sample in as well. If additional alleged fathers or children need to be tested, the respective costs can be found on our website. We can offer a discount in cases where clients order a test involving 4 or more people.

What is the importance of accreditation?

All samples are analyzed in ISO17025 accredited laboratories with state-of-the-art genetic identification systems using 16 different genetic markers. The results guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%+ for inclusion of paternity and 100% for exclusion (these probabilities apply to testing carried out with the mother’s sample. If the mother’s sample is not included, the results guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.9%+ for inclusion of paternity and 100% for exclusion).

Can you suggest any further reading?

EasyDNA Ireland guarantees absolute confidentiality with all our DNA tests! For more information on our DNA paternity testing services visit our FAQ section.

Do I need to test the mother?

EasyDNA carries out many of its paternity tests without the mother’s sample. However, we urge our clients to send the mother’s DNA sample when and if she is available. This will help us give you results with a higher of probability of paternity. Testing of the mother comes at no additional charge./p>


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