What ancestry DNA testing services do we offer?

GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test

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This ancestry test will link you to the countries, cities or even island from which your ancestors came. Begin your quest to discover your roots. The Most Advanced Ancestry Test Available in our Portfolio

Maternal Lineage Test

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Have you ever wished you could trace the origins of your maternal ancestors and find out more about your very own anthropological origins and foremothers? Today, you can trace the origins of your maternal ancestors and learn more about your genealogical roots with a maternal lineage ancestry test.

Paternal Lineage Test

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Why not do a paternal lineage test to learn more about your ancient paternal roots and your forefathers many millennia ago ? With our test you can trace your paternal ancestry, the origins of your paternal ancestors and their migration patterns.


What is lineage DNA testing?
What is maternal lineage testing?
What is paternity lineage testing?
How will an ancestry be useful?

What is lineage DNA testing?

Ever wondered about the geographic origins of your ancestors specifically from your mother’s side or perhaps your father’s side? With lineage testing you can trace your genetic lineage from both your maternal and paternal side.

What is maternal lineage testing?

Through tracing your maternal lineage, you are able to get a clear picture of your maternal family migratory routes dating back to ancient, prehistoric times. We will also connect you to your maternal haplogroups, in other words this refers to a cluster of genes that are associated and therefore are inherited together rather than individually. For more information on Maternal Lineage (mtDNA) haplotypes and the explanatory manual, click here.

Our Maternal Lineage (mtDNA) Test also includes your very own maternal lineage certificate.

What does the cost of the home paternity test include?

In the same way we are able to take a look into your maternal lineage, we can also do the same for your paternal lineage. Your paternal lineage DNA test gives you the chance to take a look into your father’s side of the family. This test is done by analysis of the Y chromosome.

By comparing your DNA to the pool of genetic data we have access to, we are able to determine your descendant haplogroup. Common DNA markers reveal the ancestry of your paternal origins, frequently associated with historical and geographical regions. Our database contains genetic data of various ancestral clans, which enable you to determine the location and trace the movements of your ancient family. Learn More about paternal lineage DNA haplotype groups.

The Paternal Lineage DNA Test also results also include your Paternal Lineage certificate.

This service provides you with the opportunity to scientifically delve into your family’s past origins and trace your cultural roots. It reaffirms your family tree and clarifies information through genealogy research and DNA analysis.

Through ancestry tests you are able to find DNA matches that confirm your past roots, opening up a door to your family lineage, enabling you to learn about where you and your ancestors came from.

How will an ancestry be useful?

Here are just a few reasons why you should order your DNA ancestry test today:


      • For you and your children to gain knowledge about your origins and history dating back thousands of years.
      • Ever felt confused about your ancient family tree? You can confirm your parental history and clarify your genealogy.
      • If you have already performed genealogy research, this is a good chance to verify the information obtained.
      • Want to try something different? Then why not give our DNA ancestry test as a gift to loved ones and friends- a gift so special that no one will ever forget!

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