Laboratory accreditation & accuracy of the DNA test

Accreditation is a procedure used to verify and confirm the technical competence of the laboratory. The accreditation process is normally performed by external auditors to the firm and are based on a standard set of procedures to ensure that the method of evaluation is consistent throughout each investigation. The final objective of the accreditation process is to ensure that the laboratory is technically capable to issue accurate DNA testing on a consistent basis.

At EasyDNA we have built our reputation since 2006 on providing accurate and reliable DNA testing performed by by a internationally accredited laboratories.

Accuracy of our DNA tests

The accuracy of our DNA tests is guaranteed by the fact that all our tests analyse 21 genetic markers. In the case of a DNA paternity test, in order to confirm the biological paternity of the alleged father, 20 genetic markers must match those of the child. The 21st marker is the ‘sex gene’ and will determine the sex of the person tested.

In the case where the paternity test involves the mother, child and alleged father, our systems can guarantee a result that will yield a probability of paternity in excess of 99.999% hence confirming unequivocally the paternity. On the other hand, in the case of an ‘exclusion’, the probability of paternity is 0%, hence giving a 100% accuracy for the exclusion of the alleged father.

For tests where the paternity testing includes just a single parent and the child, the resulting probability of paternity is in most cases greater than 99.99%, although an exact mimum probability of parenthood as per above cannot be determined in advance.

As you can see, these extremely high probabilities guarantee your peace of mind that we provide an accurate DNA test giving conclusive evidence on whether the alleged father is the biological father or not.

Sample DNA test results

In the section sample DNA test results we have provided both some sample reports to show you what the DNA Paternity Test result is like. We also provide comprehensive information advising how to interpret the different type of results.

Our quality assurance guarantee

At EasyDNA we have handled hundreds of thousands unique DNA tests across 80 counties over just the last decade. We have built a sound reputation within the industry for providing the highest echelon of quality assurance to our customers both public and private.  The accuracy of our DNA tests is unparalleled in the DNA testing industry and we continually strive to maintain not only this level of product but also a very high level of customer service.  Our team of customer service technicians has all the knowledge and experience necessary to guide our customers through the entire DNA test process.

We are committed to the highest level of quality assurance no matter where we operate.

If you would like to obtain more information on our accredited DNA testing visit our frequently asked questions or alternatively email us at [email protected]


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