Obesity is a common problem faced by many. Diets do not work for everyone. But they key is not only in what you eat, how much you eat and whether you exercise enough- the key is in your DNA make up.

The problem of weight gain is more prevalent in developed and developing parts of the world. Those who want to lose weight go for all kinds of solutions including ayurvedic medicine, herbal products and following vigorous exercise schedule. Some even undergo surgery to reduce their weight. The diet DNA test is the newest solution being proposed for reducing weight.

The ideal diet determine by DNA analysis

The DNA diet tests revolve around the genes, which have been found to have an impact on fat loss and food metabolism. These genes are found to be related to the body mass index and weight of the body. Based on the results of the diet tests, recommendations can be drawn on the type and amount of exercise required and the dietary changes that can help a person in reducing weight.

Research in the area

A study in this regard was conducted by Stanford Prevention Research Centre. The findings of the study revealed that those individuals who had genotype matching diets lost more weight in comparison to those who did not had genotype matching diets.

Sample collection is also extremely easy for this type of genetic test. All that is needed is an oral swab sample. The company involved will usually send out a DNA testing kit with which you can collect your DNA samples. Once you have finished, you just send them back for testing and wait for the results.

Effect of genes on weight

The effect of environmental factors and diet is subdued on some people in relation to their weight while is highly enhanced on others. Genes, which are helpful in metabolizing fat, regulating appetite, and governing energy storage and expenditure, have an important role to play in the weight gain and distribution. Some people say that genetic factors are a cause of up to 80 percent of variance in weight distribution.

This type of genetic test is becoming indispensible to anyone’s dietary regime. Many people have been through the frustration of dieting and unable to shed weight. The most difficult thing to accept is the fact that despite your efforts and commitment the weight will not budge.

Since the DNA configuration of every individual is unique, the DNA test can help in deducing the specific weight management program for every individual. This program can include the dietary changes required and the specific exercise schedule to be followed for reducing weight.


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