Look for experience and technical support

It is important that when selecting your provider you also consider their experience in the industry. Here at easyDNA we have over ten years experience in the industry. We are also one of the fastest growing international brands in DNA testing and handle thousands of cases every year. You can therefore rest assured that we have the necessary expertise to handle your case!

What is accreditation?

Accreditation means total assurance that you will have results that are scientific and accurate. At easyDNA we guarantee that all testing is performed strictly by an ISO accredited laboratory. This means that all procedures must consistently follow strict guidelines as set by the accredited DNA testing.

Accuracy of the results

Most of our standard DNA tests are based on a 21 genetic marker analysis – which is the required international standard for paternity testing. This high number of markers tested helps to make the test highly conclusive. Your results will clearly show one of the following:

  • a probability of paternity of 99.99% (meaning the tested man is the father)
  • a probability of paternity 0% (meaning the tested man is not the father)


Can you re-assure me of confidentiality?

At easyDNA we guarantee total confidentiality and privacy. We start by sending out our kits and any other correspondence in plain unmarked envelopes. Once the results are concluded they are issued by email or postal mail, and under no circumstance do we give results over the phone unless this has been pre-arranged with the client and a complete identification process has been performed; this is again a means of guaranteeing privacy.

Tell me about the home test kit

We use sterile oral swabs for sample collection for our relationship tests, including paternity testing. You will receive our kit once you confirm your order. You will find everything you require to collect samples of genetic material inside our home kit. Our DNA kit collection guide will explain all the steps entailed in the sample collection.


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