Migration is simply the movement of people. There are many factors that influence migration – sometimes migration can be forced or other times it can be voluntary. An example of forced migration is people fleeing a country that is at war. An example of volutary migration is when people move to a country that offers better work opportunities – push and pull factors are what create migration flow.

The terms migration is of course linked to immigration and is a generic terms refers to both immigration and emigration. Emigration means leaving your home land to settle in another country whilst immigration is the act of entering another country. The International Organization for Migration shows that Europe has the highest number of migrants globally. This is both because of its position and borders but also because of its laws, ex colonial history and its economy. America (the USA) follows next, receiving about a fourth of the number of migrants received by Europe. The last one is Asia.

Immigration is when non-native people move into a country to settle in that country. Immigration to many countries is on the increase as people seek new opportunities or have the desire to join relatives in that country. An immigration DNA test is used to help people wishing to immigrate into Ireland and prove that they have living relatives in Ireland by establishing that biological relationships exist.  The Irish immigration authorities handle the results and the company you choose to supply you with the kit will give you more guiding information to easy the procedure. The immigration test involves having a sampler, a doctor or nurse, who is in charge of taking the swabs and the test involves additional paper work and identification procedures. Please visit Immigration DNA testing for more information.


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