Cat Parentage Test

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The cat parentage test allows you to establish in a definitive manner the true parentage of your cat. By means of this paternity test, cat breeders and cat owners have a highly accurate manner of establishing the parentage of a cat and apply the findings as required such as for breed confirmation.

Cat Intolerance Test

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Is your cat continuously vomiting? Take better care of your feline health with a cat test for sensitivity to food, environmental, and artificial allergens. Find out information that can help you manage better the happiness and health of your feline. Test your cat from just €79.

Feline PKD Testing

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EasyDNA offers feline PKD testing– a simple DNA test that could save the life of a cat and ensure litters of kittens that are free of this disease. Persian cats and Exotic Shorthairs are amongst the breeds which are most likely to suffer from an inherited disorder known as polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

Cat Genetics DNA Test


Do you want to discover more about what makes your furry companion the way they are? Feline DNA testing analyses your kitty’s genetic makeup to provide insight about their ancestry, breed groups they belong to, similarity to wild cats and much more. You will not need to visit the vet because the test only requires a cheek swab sample! Results are available in 8 to 10 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory.  

How a cat DNA test is done?

Carrying out a dog or cat DNA test couldn’t be simpler! The DNA is collected from the animal’s mouth using sterile cotton swabs. This means no expensive visits to the veterinary clinic and no need for blood samples! Holding the cat’s head firmly you will simply need to rub the swab inside the cat’s mouth.

All you require for sample collection will be provided in the DNA testing kit. Inside you will find the oral swabs for DNA sample collection, detailed instructions and a pre-addressed envelope for sending the samples back to the laboratory. Simply rub the cotton end of the oral swab inside your cat’s mouth, against the inside of the cheek, in this way you will be collecting the loose cheek cells needed for DNA extraction and analysis.

Depending on the type of test you require, results can be available in as little as 10-14 working days and your detailed report will be sent via email, unless otherwise requested.


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