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Changing Name on Birth Certificate and a DNA Paternity Test

Changing Name on Birth Certificate and a DNA Paternity Test

Changing the name on a birth certificate is possible but since taken as a document showing facts as happened at time of birth, taking one father’s name off and putting another down can take time. DNA paternity testing is often very useful in such instances.

Once you have had any details changed on a birth certificate, the registry will issue a new document and that takes over and erases validity of the one issued before it. Not anyone can apply for their name to be changed or registered on the child’s birth certificate- it is not just anyone but somebody who has parental responsibility. Legal DNA Testing is often used to back such cases.

The marital status comes to bear significantly. When a child is born the father whose name is going to be registered as the child’s birth father should be present. In cases where the couple is married this is not necessary- the father is automatically assumed to be the husband. If the father was not present at the time of the registration of the birth, the mother and father can together go to the public registry and agree to add the father’s name to the birth certificate- importantly, both parents must agree to the change.

Note: in some countries there are very strict laws and collecting DNA samples from people. In the UK, there is the Human Tissue Act - make sure you know how this law might affect those thinking of doing DNA testing.

Parents who had the child prior to being married, registered the child and then went on to marry, may need to re-register the birth; this will show the child as being the child of the parent’s marriage. If the parents decide on joining their surnames and having a double barrelled surname they can both agree to this and have it transferred onto the child birth certificate.

A father does not need to have his name registered the instant the child is born. In the UK there is a 6 week gap in which the name of the man believed to be the father can be written down. The mother must give consent for the man in questioned to be listed as the child’s father. Should there be any doubts, then this 6 week time frame leave more than enough time to do a paternity DNA test and confirm whether the man in questioned is the child’s biological father of the child.

Having the correct name of the father on the birth certificate is very important. It ensures that the child is being looked after by his or her real father. Doing a legal paternity test can help speed up and support a court case as it will show the necessary proof of paternity as required by a court of law.

If you want to remove a father’s name from the birth certificate, you will need to do a paternity test for legal purposes. Once he is proved to be the legal father in court, the name of the previous father can be removed and that of the real biological father of the child placed onto the certificate. Should you need to change the name on a birth certificate; a legal paternity test will help back up your case.

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