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Boy or Girl Test: Accurate Gender Prediction Test

Boy or Girl Test: Accurate Gender Prediction Test

Many parents want a boy or girl test, as they call it, to find out the gender of their child before it is born.  Accurate gender prediction testing is usually difficult without a blood test that can be carried out at 7 weeks after conception. Even then accuracy is debatable. However, it is possible to have the gender of your baby determined with 99% accuracy by testing a urine sample at nine weeks.

If you are prepared to wait that extra two weeks, then you can have a 'boy or girl test' carried out that will enable you to make proper plans for the new member of your family.  It is very handy for mothers to know the gender of their baby long before he or she is born for a number of reasons. What colour of clothes to buy - pink or blue? What names to think of - you can cut your work by 50% by knowing if you are going to have a girl or a boy.

How the Gender Prediction Test Works

How does it work? Your child is initially fed by your blood through the umbilical cord - not directly, but through the placenta that lies between your heart and your baby's, and feeds the growing fetus with nutrients and oxygenated blood. The baby's heart pumps the used blood away to be replaced. The blood leaving your child's heart contains some fragments of the child's DNA. A gender prediction test can accurately map these links in order to determine baby gender.

These fragments are transferred to your urine by your kidneys, and at 9 weeks there are sufficient chromosomes available from the DNA fragments in your urine for a sex determination to be made with 99% accuracy. Girls have 23 XX chromosome pairs, and boys have 23 XY chromosome pairs, and the test looks for the Y chromosome. If this is present, the baby is a boy, and if it is absent then the baby is a girl.

This is not the type of boy or girl test that many other sites offer earlier in your pregnancy. These are frequently tests to detect male and female hormones in maternal urine, and tend to be carried out at home with variable accuracy.

The baby gender urine testing carried out involves a process known as 'polymerase chain reaction' that amplifies and replicates the DNA and determines with very little doubt the gender of the child. It is only at 9 weeks from the day of her last period that there are sufficient DNA strands available in the mother's urine to permit this test to be carried out with a high degree of accuracy.

What About Ultrasound?

Ultrasound scans can be used in baby gender testing, but not as early as the KnowtheGender test is available. Early results can be wrong or fail to determine gender.  Additionally, if you want certified results, then we provide certification of the gender of your child to over 99% certainty.  There are no other tests available to match this accuracy, and the DNA testing is carried out by an ISO and AABB accredited laboratory: very high levels of accreditation with the highest levels of accuracy available using modern technology.

How Long For My Results?

There is no need for blood samples for baby gender testing, just a 50 - 100 ml sample of your urine. When you order, we send you out a urine sample kit along with a preservative to prevent degradation. Once we receive the sample, your results will be with you within 7-10 working days, or 3-5 working days if you elect to pay extra for the Express Service. We will email you the results for added speed and inform you whether or not any male DNA was detected.

When Not to Have the Test

You should not apply for this test in any of the following circumstances:

  • Miscarriage or Termination: If you have had a miscarriage or a termination within 3 months of the test, then the gender of the child cannot be determined accurately, become there may still be some DNA from the previous child in your system.
  • Blood Transfusions and Bone Marrow Transplant: These also interfere with the accuracy of results, and you cannot have this test.

The test may also give false results in the case of one of two twins miscarrying early on, which you might not be aware of, or if your blood contains low levels of fetal DNA early in your pregnancy. These are rare.

Apart from these relatively rare circumstances, you will be able to use the KnowtheGender boy or girl test after 9 weeks from the date your last menstrual period ends. You cannot carry out this test at home, but can take your own sample and send it to us using the testing kit supplied.

Many people use gender prediction testing to give them early warning of the gender of their child. There are several reasons why this boy or girl test might be required, and this is the only test that can be carried out with a good degree of accuracy at 9 weeks.

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